Property Management

Why choose us to manage your investment property? 


Investing in property has become the pathway that many Australian families now follow in their pursuit of financial freedom. We pride ourselves on helping our clients pursue this dream with a minimum of stress and fuss. We are the property management professionals – it is our job to take care of the finer details, so that you don’t have to. Each and every one of our team members have been chosen because of their extensive industry experience and their genuine desire to ensure the best possible results for our clients at all times. The building of long term, open relationships based on trust and mutual respect are the foundation of our business.


  • We guarantee that every element of your property’s management will be handled by the same person.
  • In this way you will be able to build a relationship with them and get a straight answer whenever you have a question.

How do we protect your asset?

First National Real Estate Collective utilises a systemised approach to each component of the property management process to guarantee your piece of mind.


We have developed and refined a series of procedures and check lists to ensure that your asset is protected at all times. Our office utilises the “PropertyMe” property management platform. This cloud based platform provides our team with access to an industry leading suite of tools on demand. We are a member of “Trading Reference Australia” (TRA) & “TICA”. These are Australia’s two leading credit default databases. This means we are able to conduct the most comprehensive background checks on prospective tenants before they are considered suitable for your property. Applications for our properties are all received via the “tApp” platform. This electronic service provides us with the ability to use a standardised application process. This process ensures that all relevant ID requirements are provided and vetted against the TRA database before even being considered by our property management team. Cross checking against the TRA database is important because it allows us to check for any financial default in a prospective tenants’ history – not just rent related defaults. Once a short list of potential tenants is generated, our property manager will organise a time todiscuss each application with you. We prefer to involve you completely in the final selection of your tenant. After all, it is your property. We look forward to continuing your investment journey with you.